Dilara Ülker – I have a mission

Dilara Ülker and her logo design

We talked to Dilara about her dream and goals. She told us that she wants to go high and that this path is her mission.

After the interwiev with Dilara, we designed this logo, and around your name, we wanted to symbolize the path that rises high together with the rocket. So you should read your story on your logo.

I am an astrophysicist,

Software developer, and hopefully aspiring mathematician.

I have a mission

„I want to be an astronaut“

Our interview with Dilara Ülker

Daniel: Hello, my name is Dilara, I am 26.

I am an astrophysicist, software developer and hopefully also a budding mathematician.

Of course, one wonders why she learned so many professions? I am very inquisitive. In particular, the scientific areas are simply in my blood.

I love the natural sciences.

And when you get more and more involved with nature, so many questions arise;

• How did all this come about? and also in combination with Islam.

• Why did Allah (c.c.) create all this?! There must be a reason.

I have a very special life mission. I want to be an astronaut, and it all started in my childhood. My father wanted to be an astronaut, but didn’t work for financial and family reasons.

My father came to Germany as a guest worker with my grandfather. And back then, the conditions were very different. In other words, he had to end his dream relatively early and promised himself: „My first child, no matter boy or girl, will become an astronaut.“

I was this lucky guy in the family.

Bubble Cards: It’s also really nice that you were actually interested in becoming an astronaut, it could have gone wrong.

Daniel: Actually, very little went wrong, but that’s also a story in itself.

My father really showed so much from an early age. He explained the starry sky to me and I also grew up in nature. We had e.B. in our old apartment, a huge back garden, and I was really there all day.

• We have built tree houses

• my father explained the plant species to me and how it works.

I asked my father a lot of questions, and he answered them all. So, of course, my passion became bigger and bigger.

Now the question could also arise, why don’t I study biology or the like?! No, I just wanted to find out what it looks like not only here on Earth, but also in the universe outside the Earth.

It was very exciting – my father always had the little ones for me.

Points of light in the sky explained. He said: „These points of light that you see in the sky are not just stars, but behind them are many planets, many distant galaxies and galactic nuclei.“

I thought to myself; „Oh, they all look the same, but they’re totally different from each other.“

And that’s exactly where it started.

Over time, my father also focused on mathematics and something on physics and so on.

We quickly realized that Dilara has a lot of problems at school.

It’s not very popular and that was for a reason. I was a „victim of bullying“. I was really a „victim of bullying“ from an early age. This has already been seen in kindergarten. I had no friends, no one wanted to play with me and no one wanted to talk to me. Because the children said to me, „You are different.“

Of course, as a child I always asked myself, to what extent am I different?!

I wasn’t like all the other girls and had played with dolls. I still have a doll phobia. That’s another story in itself.

Bubble Cards: You have a very strong character. Did it make you a strong personality because you didn’t have that positive experience in your childhood?

Daniel: I have to admit honestly, this has only developed in the few years. I would say in the last 2 years. Especially the last year was the highlight in my life. Before the years before that, I was very shy and reserved.

When I said to myself; „Dilara can’t go on like this. You have to work on it. You have to find out – what is your goal in life?, what do you want to achieve in your life? what exactly do you want to do?.“

And of course, this thought occupied me, not only in my childhood, and not only in my youth, but also in my current existence. I wanted to find out what is my life mission – why am I here on earth?, why did Allah (c.c.) create me? There must be a reason.

And when I found out my life mission, I got my motivation even more. And then I made my goal even more clear and said; „Ok, that’s my goal, that’s what I want to achieve, no matter what.“

Then I pulled it off.

From all the negative contacts I had in my environment, be it family or friends – I have distanced myself over time. As a result, I was strengthened over time.

It was really such a long process. With a lot of nervous breakdowns and and and and… But alhamdulillah, that made me the person I am today.

Interview: Bubble Cards with Dilara Ülker

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