Lovely Lashes By Melanie

Hello dear ones,

My name is Melanie Jankowski and my addiction led me to my greatest passion.
As I said, I myself was addicted to my beloved eyelashes and go to my eyelash fairy every 3 weeks. She came sometime in 2019 with the idea that I should also do eyelashes and get trained, because she has so many requests and no longer complies. It is insane how big the demand is in the field of eyelash extension, lifting etc. I often denied this offer, as I myself am fully employed as a market manager in a hardware store, with 45h a week and a distance of 1h. When should I please stick eyelashes?
Especially since I thought, never have so much patience and nerves 2-3 hours to concentrate on one thing like this.
But the thought did not let go of me, it vllt to try. I am very determined and love new challenges.
„Well, I’ll do it!“ So I had a really great training in the field of eyelash extension. I started sporadically with a relatively cheap lounger in my living room. Initially under a lot of stress and tears and a wonderful man who has gone through all this. But I quickly noticed that I am fully involved here and sometimes get the hardware store out of my head in my spare time. Yes, others go jogging 😉
In the meantime, this has really become my passion. I have attended various courses and trainings and can now be proud of my own home studio. Here I now offer eyelash extension, eyelash lifting, hennabrows and microblading. Still as the market manager of a DIY store. I love the balancing act, this contrast and the happy faces of all my great customers when you look in the mirror for the first time.
I managed to pave my way! Alone, on the side! MY own studio, my company, my brand under such a great logo (created by Bubblecards).

Lovelylashes by Melanie
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