Yasemin Inan – My story of my success

My name is Yasemin Inan.

For as long as I can remember, I have loved to draw, whether landscapes, people, fashion, or calligraphy.
At first I was very well known for henna and was booked again and again for henna evenings or city festivals. Of course, the general drawing was not left out and that’s why I continued with it. I started auctioning pictures on special days in the mosque and donated the money. A certain person from my life persuaded me to post/post my work on social media. It started with Facebook then with Instagram…
At first it was just an occasional hobby until I started selling my paintings to acquaintances and a donation of the annual profit 30%. The request and my ideas grew more and more, so I thought to myself „Life means acting“ so why not become official right away? I had my logo created at Bubble Cards and then my business as an artist really started on social media. The logo made everything even more attractive. The dream of doing something independent next to it has always been there. Now I can pursue my career as a student in the medical field as well as my hobby as a small business owner.
A little tip for each individual. Do not let others put stones in your way or life, because it is said: Life means acting and if not now, when then?

Artist: Yasemin Inan

Instagram: hennaart_yasemin